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  1. The weather
    The weather in Éire is fairly touch and go... But today was glorious! ☀️ Cold... but glorious! ☺️❄️☀️
  2. Playing a sweet ukelele
    I was also guitar shopping with a student today and I got momentarily distracted in the ukelele section... The soooound out of one in particular almost had me parting with 99 beans of the shiny but useless euro variety... In the end, I walked away... 😩 maybe another day.... 💔
  3. Mammy's homemade soup
    Was famished after a busy morning of yoga and afternoon of guitar shopping so was delighted to come home to homemade sweet potato soup with brown bread 😁😁 happy dayssss 😁😁
This would be weird psychologically, in that I wouldn't really want to be inside someone else's head. For the most part, I like being me. I think I would rather tag along with them for the day and see how they go along in life.
  1. Jennifer Aniston
    She has always seemed fairly cool to me. When she guest Instagrammed for that page that time* I found myself wishing she had her own Instagram account so I could see what she had to say all the time! I respect her for not having any social media accounts, and in that, she is most definitely a rare breed, but a peek into her life is one I would appreciate! *I can't remember who's page she featured on, but she posted a picture of some freshly laid eggs among some other rather holistic snaps!
  2. My brother
    My brother is a grumpy fucker. He is also a chemical engineer. Last September he fully moved out and ever since he left for college (years back) we haven't been as close as we used to when he lived here (yes, I am still a homebody hanging on Mammy & Daddy). I think he's an interesting fellow and I think the reason I want a day in his life is mostly cos I miss him.
  3. NINJA of Die Antwoord fame.
    Another interesting fellow, NINJA's a mean rapper and any interviews I've seen of him have only increased my curiosity..... I'd like to spend the day rolling around Johannesburg with him in his matte black Subaru!
  4. A National Geographic photographer.
    I just think they might get to go visit unusual and interesting places so I'd get to see a bit of the world and (if I was them in this scenario), get paid for the pleasure.
This was a tough choice and I pondered Father Ted, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Fawlty Towers... to name but a few! In the end I picked the shows that I already re watch frequently and own on DVD. I mean, if I'm on a desert island, I'm gonna want something I know I already enjoy watching..!
  1. The Office (U.S.)
    This is my go to TV show. The characters on the Office might as well be the friends I am lacking in life as they have greatly kept my company; what with hours of watching and re watching episodes as well as DVD extras and episode commentaries.... I think this is one of the best pick-me-up comedies you could throw on to keep you company. On a desert island, it might even keep you sane.
  2. Bob's Burgers
    This is another feel good show. Bob's voice is nice and soothing to me, and his family all have a different quirk to keep most folks entertained. And it's bright and colourful t'boot.
  3. Veronica Mars
    I once wrote to RTÉ asking them to keep showing episodes of this show. My friend thought I was a freak for doing this. Coincidentally, we are not friends any more.... Veronica is basically one of my straight up heroes... And she didn't have a whole load of friends either. I also think Veronica's gung-ho essence might inspire me to get the feck off the island...!