This was a tough choice and I pondered Father Ted, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Fawlty Towers... to name but a few! In the end I picked the shows that I already re watch frequently and own on DVD. I mean, if I'm on a desert island, I'm gonna want something I know I already enjoy watching..!
  1. The Office (U.S.)
    This is my go to TV show. The characters on the Office might as well be the friends I am lacking in life as they have greatly kept my company; what with hours of watching and re watching episodes as well as DVD extras and episode commentaries.... I think this is one of the best pick-me-up comedies you could throw on to keep you company. On a desert island, it might even keep you sane.
  2. Bob's Burgers
    This is another feel good show. Bob's voice is nice and soothing to me, and his family all have a different quirk to keep most folks entertained. And it's bright and colourful t'boot.
  3. Veronica Mars
    I once wrote to RTÉ asking them to keep showing episodes of this show. My friend thought I was a freak for doing this. Coincidentally, we are not friends any more.... Veronica is basically one of my straight up heroes... And she didn't have a whole load of friends either. I also think Veronica's gung-ho essence might inspire me to get the feck off the island...!