The 6 Strangest Photos on My Phone Right Now

  1. "The Wedding Party" - my friend sent me this picture of my face photoshopped onto the cast of "Bridesmaids." #ProfPicWorthy
  2. "The Creation of the Universe" - must have found this on the Internet and saved it a while back. It definitely holds up.
  3. "My Mom Is Cooler Than Me" - a picture I found of my mom's comedy group from the early '80s.
  4. "Tight Frame, Bro" - a print I found in the trash and repurposed at work. Posted it on Instagram for sure.
  5. "2am in Burbank" - my friend bought fake mustaches and got into the whisky...
  6. "Bean Spoon" - the album cover for my six person lipsync band, "Bean Spoon." We have yet to rehearse.