I've never tasted "oakiness" in wine, and I still don't know what a "hoppy" beer is.
  1. Ok, beer list...
  2. How are there so many types of beer?! Wine list...
  3. How are there so many types of wine?!
  4. I'll just order what my date orders.
  5. Damn, an IPA. Those make me sneeze.
  6. Google: should IPAs make me sneeze?
  7. Ok, wine. What's a good wine? Probably something that starts with "Chateau."
  8. $16 a glass? New plan: cheapest red wine.
  9. Can I just order a Shirley Temple? That's red.
  10. Screw it. "Oh I'll just stick with water, thanks."
  11. *sips water reassuringly*