1. Princess Leia
    An absolute classic. What child from a liberal, lowkey hippie family hasn't dressed up as a character from Star Wars? This costume is probably my best to date because I was decked out. My grandmother sewed my costume and I had an exact replica blaster. Looking back, I'm cringing.
  2. Hermione (about 3 times)
    I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and a brunette. Enough said.
  3. A witch (about 3 times)
    I even painted my face green! I did this costume when I was young and unoriginal.
  4. Princess Jasmine
    I was like four and had to keep my stomach covered with a thin veil because I guess it's too scandy to have your boobs out at that age. And cold.
  5. Mulan
    Hands down the best Disney princess. I was so honored to be her one year.
  6. A Capital person from the Hunger Games
    This is the worst costume I have ever done. I had a blue wig and make up with a neon orange dress and heels. I looked insane. Also I was in middle school and couldn't walk in 6 inch heels so I was falling all over. Tragic.
  7. Bellatrix Lestrange
    Even though she's evil or whateva, I've always found her to be a hot badass and idolized her. I did not look like a hot badass in that costume though :/
  8. A literal nerd
    I had a dress that said strawberry nerds on it (like the candy) & paired it with nerd glasses & braces! I live for double entendres.
  9. Katy Perry from her Last Friday Night vid
    I love Katy so much and had braces at the time...what better costume could I have chosen?? (And yes, Halloween was on a Friday that year)
  10. Baby Spice
    My and my friends dressed up as the Spice Girls (with a bonus David Beckham!!) and I got to be Baby Spice aka I wore the cutest dress and my boobs looked nice. A successful costume if I do say so myself.