she gotta date herself, but if she ever changes her mind, here's what's on mine
  1. Picnic in a park and feeding ducks maybe kites?
    Wrong season
  2. Mini golf
    I suck, it's pricey
  3. Planetarium
    Check schedule!
  4. Antique ing, thrifting, garage sales
    Two shopaholics together?
  5. Botanical gardens
    Check schedule
  6. Dinner
    Too vague
  7. Roller skating
    I suck n it ain't cute
  8. Bowling
    My dependency on bumpers is not cute
  9. Board games
    Too intimate? Potential for drama
  10. Cooking
    I would learn for her I guess??? Widely recommended, maybe based on sexist assumption that I can cook
  11. Comedy show
    Steph from work can get us in for free
  12. Museum
    Too close to everyday life?
  13. Volunteer dog walking
    Not intimate enough? Need training?
  14. Explore downtown
    Too close to everyday life? A cop out?
  15. Stargazing