Reasons to Cry @ Pride

  1. You're gay :)
  2. You're gay and so is everyone around you, and they are old and have families and now you have hope :)
  3. Your straight friends get more attention than you
  4. You did not feel any magical moments of clarity and everything is still murky :/
  5. While still murky, the future is a brighter, rosier shade of murk :)
    See bullet point 2
  6. You saw more than you ever wanted in the erotic tent
  7. You lost your debit card
  8. Your friends are fighting
  9. You hear your worst nightmares screamed at you via evangelical with megaphone
  10. You have to walk 2 miles before you stop hearing him
  11. You can always still hear him in your head
  12. He didn't say anything you don't tell yourself
  13. No one around you seems to understand
  14. You're not 21
  15. You don't get many pictures
  16. You miss your family
  17. Petsmart has a poster about unconditional love next to the protesters who are protesting on the very account of unconditional love and you can't figure out what it means if mindless corporate money better demonstrates the concept over people who claim to live the Bible
  18. You don't get sunburned :)
  19. You're not in the dirty t :)
  20. You're not completely alone :)