Halloween + shows I've been in
  1. Addams family
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    I'm an ancestor so I'm basically a dead dancing cowgirl ghost
  2. Halloween 2015
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    My bf's family were all bears and I was goldilocks!!
  3. West Side Story
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    I was a jet dancer named Minnie and Bae was Riff!! This pic is after he got stabbed
  4. Theatre Banquet
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    We dressed up like a German couple so cute
  5. Kiss and Tell
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    I played Mildred Pringle
  6. A Christmas Carol
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    Such a stressful show. I wore a corset, hoop skirt, and like 30 layers of clothes at all times. I played Elizabeth Fezziwig, Martha Cratchit, and was in the vocal core so I was like constantly on stage or making a costume change lol so that was fun but my costumes were sooo pretty
  7. Halloween 2014
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    I was a Pawnee goddess!!
  8. Seussical
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    I dyed my hair pink to play a who bc I didn't want to wear a wig
  9. Camelot
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    Prettiest costumes I've ever worn and soooo heavy
  10. White Christmas
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    I think this is my favorite costume I've ever worn
  11. They're so many more but I'm tired of typing now