A Day in the Life

Stole this idea from @roaringsoftly ❤️❤️
  1. 515. Kiss husband goodbye
    I'm either wide awake or barely conscious when he leaves for work.
  2. 630. Wake Up
    Alarm has wrung 3 times by now & if I'm not too lazy, I'll get up & not hit snooze again.
  3. 635. Brush teeth, check emails/social media/ reply to missed texts from the night before/ pick out morning music for my shower
    I've been listening to The Shins again of late.
  4. 700. Showered, dressed, denied food to my cats (I'm the WORST human ever): time to wake Lily up
    Right about now I'm so grateful I laid her clothes out the night before because waking her up is a trick, let me tell you.
  5. 721. Drive Lily to School
    It is literally almost always 7:21 when we leave & 7:25 when I sign her in at Adventure Club.
  6. 735. Stop at the gas station for coffee
  7. 800. Arrive at my office & begin my work day
    Update my voicemail, check urgent emails, look in the back to see if anyone brought in muffins.
  8. 1130. Lunch break
    An hour to do whatever I want. Usually I watch a couple episodes of something on my phone while eating the crappy gas station salad I had bought that morning.
  9. 1230. Back to work
    Believe it or not: insurance is actually a lot more interesting than you'd think. I wrote a policy for a $10MM home for someone the other day. And I had another client call to have me insure the Lamborghini he just picked up, nbd. It's never dull.
  10. 400. Text from husband
    "Will I pick up some wine & how does chicken sound for dinner?" Yes and yes.
  11. 500-530. End of work
    I'm off at 5, but I usually stick around to finish up whatever I'm in the middle of.
  12. 6ish. Arrive home
    Immediately change into pjs & turn water off in Lily's bath (she fills the tub WAAAAY too full).
  13. 700. Pour a glass of wine
    There we go.
  14. 730+ Evening
    Dinner, coloring with Lily, z