Hopeful 2.o

Trying to keep the faith... I had a really crappy day.
  1. Lily
    Upside down gamer extraordinare. Perfection. 💖
  2. Parks & Rec
    I can only watch this in bits & pieces which is a bummer because I love this show. It's extremely depressing coming back into our reality after seeing a fictional government that's so successful/progressive.
  3. Kitties
    The Boys never fail me.
  4. Bust
    Again: never fails me. Also I'm smoking again.
  5. Everything my kid does
    She had a bad day too at Adventure Club & has been decompressing in the pantry (it's a very small space under our stairs). But first she made sure Skeleton was comfortable.
  6. The super moon
    I loved it, but took shite photos of it. 🌛🌟💛