Things that are making me feel it this week.
  1. My perfect angel artist daughter
    She is beautiful and wonderful. Yes, I am deathly scared of her immediate future, but right this second I'm focusing on what an amazing person she is & giving the powers that have been elected the finger. Jog on. She is the only winner.
  2. Driving
    In a chunky grey sweater. I only went to the grocery store, the lighting of the day was oddly familiar & comforting.
  3. My Kid
    Have I mentioned her? Yes? Okay, here's some more.
  4. A Wrinkle in Time
    I have loved this book since 5th grade & I haven't busted it out in a long time. Too long. Listening to it on my commute has been amazing. Thank you, Audible.
  5. My Baby
    Have I mentioned how much I love her? Yes? Okay, welll here's some more.
  6. My Kitties- Geoff
    Their looks speak for them. And if you can't hear it, then they'll yell at you. 🙄😌❤️
  7. My Kitties- Steve
    See above.
  8. My Kitties- Benny
    See above above.
  9. Iggy
    For when I'm not scared, but a little frustrated.
  10. ELO
    For when I want to cry. They help, I don't know why. "I'll just sit tight / in shadows of the night."
  11. My Little One
    Have I mentioned her? Yes? Okay well here's some more. This was her first day of 3rd grade. I'm V. proud.
  12. My littlest brother.
    He legally changed his name on Election Day. We braved the MPLS Government Center to do it. For my birthday, he bought me tickets to see Dylan Moran- it was lovely. I almost got us lost down town twice. And I live in this damn town, lol.
  13. My Child
    Have I mentioned what a cool nerd she is? Yes? Okay well here's some more. Fresh from the bathy & in her Dr Who pjs.
  14. Lovely people online
    No pictures, but they have brought so much peace to my sad sad heart. 🙌🙏💪❤️ They know who they are.
  15. Wine & Netflix
    It's not healthy. I don't condone it, but it's helping me. Ps- marathoning The IT Crowd on Hulu has been strangely cathartic.
  16. Lorde
    It's nice to revisit.
  17. The Bean
    Oh, so I've mentioned her? Good. Here's some more. Fun fact: Bean is her middle name (and no it's not a family name, yes it's because Mommy loved Kurt Cobain, no we don't care if she doesn't like it & wants to change it when she grows up & yes a lot of people -including herself- refer to her as Bean).
  18. Bear
    My Bear. He smells like Gain Lavender laundry soap. 💜
  19. LBB
    Future Supreme Galactic Ruler of the Universe. Have HOPE my friends. Have hope. Have it. We will persevere. "Bring down the government. They don't speak for us." - Radiohead