1. The Library
    Better than a bookstore as the only thing I'm likely to buy is a coffee. Plus it's cozy, quiet, and there are books!
  2. The Laundromat
    Warm, clean, nice smelling & no social interaction is required.
  3. Snuggled up with Lily
    Either watching cartoons/zombie movies or taking a nap, she is the best snuggler.
  4. My bed
    Bonus if it's at the end of a very productive weekend in which my house is clean & errands are run.
  5. My office
    When things are busy, but not crazy; clients are inquisitive, but not rude and I both accomplish most of my to-do list whilst simultaneously learning something to further my career.
  6. Any place I'm about to eat Chipotle
    The first bite... Oh my god. My mouth just started to water thinking about it.
  7. Spooning or being spooned by my Husband
    Sorry if that's TMI. He has really good arms. ❤️
  8. My couch
    Binge watching {insert current fave TV show here} with glass #2 of Shiraz. This photo is the view FROM my couch, watching The Detectorists.