Lily is 8 and has special needs. She sees a speech therapist as part of her weekly routine with her schools. As sad as it will be to no longer hear her idioms, I know it's important for her to speak correctly. This list is bittersweet.
  1. You hurt your blood!
    Translation: Please explain how you came to have an injury in which you've broken the skin and will possibly need a band-aid. Would you like me to kiss it?
  2. Can you help him?
    Translation: I need help, please.
  3. Mom. Cup of Strawberry Cake.
    Translation: Please, may I have a glass of milk with strawberry Nesquik mixed in?
  4. It's FINE mom.
    Translation: Don't pay attention to what I'm doing because I know I'm not supposed to do it so I'll preemptively give it your blessing for you.
  5. Gotta go to the city of Townsville and bring stuff with us!
    Translation: Let's ride public transportation to downtown Minneapolis. I will put my current favorite stuffed animal, a few choice toys & my blanket into a backpack to take along for the ride.
  6. It's a creeper boom boom baby
    Translation: There is a small child in close proximity to me who could start crying at any moment. My anxiety over that moment happening is sky-rocketing and we need to vacate the premises immediately.
  7. It's time for the ballet season!
    Translation: It's December & I'm ready to see a live production of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.
  8. Mom! Pet the Sven!
    Translation: Mom (or person standing near by) let's pet this cat I do not own! *The name Sven is referring to her cousin's cat who is the only other significant kitty in Lily's life that she does not own. Therefore all cats that don't live with us are named Sven.
  9. Can I have some sip?
    Translation: I'm going to dip my finger into your glass of wine and have a taste.
  10. Play rock & roll, Dad.
    Translation: Dad (or person who is currently driving the car) please play {insert current favorite song here} loudly and on a continuous loop.
  11. Miscellaneous words/names she adorably mispronounces: Puffet, Fince, The Donalds, Anger Fist, Neckflace & Minneapplesoda
    Translation: Puppet, Vince, McDonalds, Angler Fish, Netflix & Minneapolis respectively ❤️