Things I Wish I Could Have Right Now After My Kid Threw Up at 2:30 This Morning

Please forgive the extremely selfish tone of this list. She threw up on my face. That's how I woke up today. I'm crabby.
  1. Coffee
    How are we completely out?!
  2. Unlimited supply of water
    My last water bill was almost $400 ::faint:: so I'm really resentful of any extra loads of laundry I have to do.
  3. Energy
    See also: coffee.
  4. A nap
    Up since 2:30 = not fun
  5. Toast
    For some reason, I'm hungry & this is about the only thing appealing right now.
  6. The damn remote for the Amazon Fire TV
    I've got the one for the Roku, but that doesn't help me. How else is a poorly kid & her exhausted mom supposed to marathon Harry Potter today?
  7. Sprite
    For my kid who won't drink as much water as she needs to, and doesn't like Gatorade. Is milk sufficient for hydrating?