A quarter of a gallon of milk, 2 eggs & various slightly gross looking veggies are all we have in the fridge. We REALLY need to go to Cub.
  1. Chicken Cheese
    This is what she calls Mozzarella Sticks. She's especially fond of the ones at the local Carbone's where my little brother (who just moved in with us in December) works. When he leaves for work, she often bids him goodbye with "Bye Uncle Luke. Don't forget the Chicken Cheese."
  2. Peanut butter & Jelly Tortilla
    Surprisingly delicious- I've loved this as a kid too.
  3. Ramen
    ::shudder:: I ate waaaay too much of that during "No Money/Stressful Times" & can't stomach it now.
  4. Ice Cream
    Ice cream for dinner. Go big or go home.
  5. Root Beer
    See above.
  6. She's waiting... 💚💚