1. Art created by Lily
    I mean, her talent is immense. Come on.
  2. Taking Lily to Valley Fair
    Basically doing anything with Lily.
  3. Kitties
    When I met Tom, He had 3 cats: Crispin, Huckle & Helen. Since we've been together, we've had a menagerie & it's awesome. I love that he loves cats as much as I do. It makes me so happy.
  4. Grocery shopping
    As a family preferably.
  5. Record stores
    Browsing for vinyl was one of our favorite dates at the beginning of our relationship. Now that he's back on day shifts, we can actually do stuff together again. Cheapo's & Electric Fetus, we're coming for you!
  6. Changing letters in words to make it silly
    For instance: Spider-Man becomes Spider Ham. It's an in-joke I guess. Nevermind.
  7. The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross
    Um, it's on Hulu now. Go marathon it & thank me later.
  8. The emoticon we invented to symbolize pinching the other's butt
    B >
  9. Simon Pegg & Nick Frost movies
    Lily's totally into them too. She's all about Shaun of the Dead.
  10. Wine