Things My Kid Does/is/has That Are Awesome

It's true
  1. Self Esteen
    Tom & I constantly reiterate how gorgeous she is to her whilst also confirming how important it is for her to know her strengths & talents. I would rather die a thousand deaths than have my child question her self worth. At this point in time she is okay with who she is. And I am willing to Avada Kedavra anything/anyone that makes her doubt herself. You've been warned.
  2. Art
    The Bean has been experimenting with mixed media for a bit now. She nailed it.
  3. Singing
    If you've seen my Instagram, you know.
  4. Compassion
    She has the biggest heart. Our cat Steve got outside recently & sustained an injury (TW!) to his head/ear. Please dont worry- his Vet is wonderful!!! He's doing great But Lil is still very concerned/aware of how he's doing. ❤️
  5. Dancing
    You WISH you had her moves.