But sometimes I NEED to cry & here's how I do it. In the privacy of my bathroom with my headphones on.
  1. The 1812 Ovetature
    It's so freaking ridiculous. Tchaikovsky's music always has this affect on me & I literally don't know why.
  2. The Fox & The Hound
    SHE LEAVES HIM BEHIND IN THE FOREST AND DRIVES AWAY. I mean, yes she looks back & you know she's sad but COME ON!
  3. That god damned ASPCA video
    You KNOW the one. Damn you, Sarah, damn you.
  4. When Dobby dies
    And Hedwig. And when Fred. And Sirius. DAMN IT JO! The last Harry Potter book pretty much ruined my life.
  5. During TDH when Harry climbs into the room of requirement & Hedwig's Theme plays.
    Harry Potter forever.