1. Made up band names
  2. Something poetic
  3. a shopping list, I need winter shit
  4. Something about funny texts Brock sends me??????
  5. Movies I might watch
  6. Places I've cried this summer
  7. Father John Misty lyrics that fuck me up
  8. Things I want
  9. Lakes I love
  10. Types of good leaves
  11. Flowers I saw this summer
  12. Halloween costume ideas
  13. Things I don't like
  14. Things I like
  15. Beautiful things
  16. The Most Beautiful Songs In The World 2.0
  17. Colors the sky can be
  18. Possible future short stories
  19. Things to Notice
  20. Things that are better WITHOUT dairy
  21. Things I said on my very cold walk home
  22. What I'm reading rn
  23. Every single father john misty song, ranked