Songs That Remind Me of Brock

  1. I Want You Like A Seatbelt// Chadwick Strokes
    I'd like to live up in a house that lives up in a tree, only you and me, maybe a kid maybe three. Maybe from the top you will see that I want you across my hips fastened low and tight in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the night. We let the world fall away one kiss at a time
  2. When U Love Somebody// Fruit Bats
    Baby, remember on the bus when my hand was on your knee? When you love somebody it's hard to think about anything but to breathe.
  3. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea// Neutral Milk Hotel
    What a beautiful face I have found in this place that is circling all round the sun
  4. Ghosts//Laura Marling
    Lover please do not fall to your knees it's not like I believe in everlasting love
  5. The Only Place// Best Coast
    We were born with sun in our teeth and in our hair. When we get bored we like to sit around, sit around and stare at the mountains, at the birds, at the ocean, at the trees. We have fun, we have fun, we have fun when we please
  6. I Want A House// Twin Sister
    I want a house built of old wood. You can paint it any color you like, just as long as I can live with you
  7. Every Other Freckle// Alt J
    Yes I'm gonna roll around you like a cat rolls around saw-dusted patios. I'm gonna kiss you like the sun Browns you.
  8. Wonderful (The Way I Feel)// My Morning Jacket)
    I'm going where there ain't no police. I'm going where there ain't no disease. I'm going where there ain't no need to escape from what is, only spirits at ease
  9. Your Rocky Spine// The Great Lake Swimmers
    I was lost in the lake and the shapes that your body makes
  10. Holy Shit// Father John Misty
    Maybe love is just an economy based on resource scarcity, but what I fail to see is what that's gotta do with you and me