1. There's so much music in the world and I'm never gonna be able to listen to it all
    Like there's probably so many songs that could be my FAVORITE song but omg what if I never hear them????
  2. Also, books
    Do I have time to read all the good books??? So many books I've read have helped shape my lovely mind am I missing things??? oh god
  3. Winter
    The leaves are falling off the trees it's getting colder every day Jesus fucking christ it's stressing me TF out
  4. Losing an important piece of paper that I'm literally holding in my hand
    I mean tickets, an assignment for class, an add-drop form. This has happened and will continue to and it's terrifying
  5. Time passing
    seriously. think about it
  6. I'm worried that my cookies are burning all the time while they are cooking
    Even if they've only been in the oven for like 4 minutes..... I'm still worried