Food blogger friends and people who know me or other food bloggers: Please add your own! @gabimoskowitz @mollyyeh @alanakysar @sarahkieffer @topwithcinnamon @eatthelove
  1. You do the job of about 11 people
    Content strategist, content developer, social media manager, photographer, cook, food stylist, writer, editor, business manager, brand strategist, and I've recently been dabbling in legal affairs in order to manage contracts.
  2. People send you crappy free stuff
    Because they want free promotion. Like weird açai powder and some kind of omega-3 superfood oil goo that I'd typically be all about but actually tasted like sweet and sour guacamole. Barf emoji.
  3. You send a lot of texts like
    "PLS HELP: Have massive amounts of strawberry rhubarb compote and don't want to die eating it all." And, "OMG WHAT IF WE MAKE A FIG PIZZA OMGGGGGGG." Mostly people are pretty into it.
  4. You're constantly thinking about light
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    I recently took a couple of drinks into the parking lot of a bar so I could properly promote an event I'd been invited to.
  5. You're constantly thinking about flavor combinations
    And if you're @jansonebwoodlee (not a food blogger, but ride-or-die kitchen adventurer), most of those have to do with truffle oil.
  6. You can write about whatever you want
    It's so weird. Like, literally I could bake a cake and write about my toenail falling off (if I were @mollyyeh ).
  7. People don't think it's a real job
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    I'm not dabbling, dude. As a result, I've started to tell people I own my own business, which is equally true. Reactions are VASTLY distinct. Plus, Jay-Z helps 👉.
  8. You have to celebrate holidays early so you can have appropriate recipes online in time for people to use them
    Thanksgiving in August? Check.
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  9. Other bloggers' last names change to their blog names in real life conversations
    Ex. "I was just hanging out with Cynthia Two Red Bowls and she had just come from coffee with Eva Adventures in Cooking"
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  10. Or they just call you by your blog name
    "What up, Kale & Caramel" is not an unfamiliar greeting.
  11. Sometimes you get really great free stuff...and then you save it and it goes bad.
    I know I'm going to do something fabulous with these quail eggs! Eventually! Crap. It's been 3 months. Guess I'm composting them.
    Suggested by @eatthelove