Yes, I've done all of these. No, it's not ok. @jansonebwoodlee originally wanted a list about yoga (I taught for 7 years in a haze of nag champa, harmonium, and "tantric" sex before I left it all), but my biggest challenge with yoga in the west is mirrored everywhere in white culture: Appropriation. Awareness and dialogue help.
  1. Yoga
  2. Shamanism
  3. Black culture
  4. Twerking (sub-cat of above, but sig enough to mention separately)
  5. "Blaccents" and "ghetto" vernacular (ditto parenthetical above)
  6. Rap (ditto again)
  7. Buddhism
  8. Belly dancing
  9. Bindis and henna
  10. Chanting/meditation/tantra/etc
  11. Hinduism
  12. Mala beads
  13. American Indian-derived festival fashion and costumes
  14. Plant medicine/journeys/traditional healing practices