1. Anoint the chest and the back of the neck
    with oils (frankincense for honesty, rose to soften the heart, lavender to calm) or anything that could be a blessing
  2. Tell the truth
    unencumbered, unequivocated
  3. Sleep
    for an unspecified amount of time, until living feels at least as tolerable as dreaming
  4. Look at the sky
    unobstructed by anything except nature
  5. Cry
    contort, release, emote, scream, wail, sob, be free
  6. Listen to your breath
  7. Orgasm
  8. Get in water
    submerge, any kind
  9. Hold hands
    sometimes your own if other hands are not available
  10. Touch the ground, a tree, a leaf
    plug in, recharge, earth yourself
  11. Believe
    have a little faith
  12. Beyoncé
    who run the world