But then @sally requested a list about it. (Insert nuye emoji.)(Oh yah, I call it nuye, pronounced new yee.)
  1. What is it?
    Nutritional yeast is yeast that has been cultured, harvested, and dried. It's not an active yeast—you can't bake or do other stuff with it. It's a food condiment.
  2. Why should I eat it?
    You should eat it because a) you like its nutty, cheesy flavor and/or b) you are in need of some extra B vitamins.
  3. What does it taste like?
    It tastes kinda nutty, kinda cheesy, and kinda rustic. It's hard for me to describe to someone who's never had it because 😳 I've been eating it for as long as I can remember.
  4. Is it good for me?
    Yes! It has hella crap-tons of B vitamins (like niacin B-3, complete protein, and amino acids). Vegans often seek it out as a nutritional supplement (nb: I am not vegan; see previous list about How to Stop Being a Vegetarian).
  5. Where can I buy it?
    In the bulk or condiments/spices section of your local health food store.
  6. What do you put it on?
    POPCORN! Rice/pasta/grains with olive oil and Braggs (fake hippy soy sauce). Steamed or roasted veggies. Blended into a veggie soup to add depth of flavor. Ps, some very awesome movie theaters now have nuye to put on your popcorn! The Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax does :).
  7. If I eat it will I get, y'know, yeasty?
    Women and candida-averse folk fear not! Eating nuye will not make you yeasty!
  8. Can I overdose on nutritional yeast?
    Weirdly, kinda! Because of its high vitamin B content, if you eat too much nutritional yeast you may get what are called niacin "rushes" or "flushes". Basically your skin just turns red and your heart-rate increases. This used to happen to my friend Maria when we'd eat yeasty popcorn (we would dip it in apple juice, how weird is that?). #kidsonmaui
  9. Do people who are not hippies slash bougie yuppies eat it?
    Yes! For one, Wikipedia notes that "inadequately fed prisoners of war have used 'home-grown' yeast to prevent vitamin deficiency." So there's that. Also from the Wiki: Australians call it "savoury yeast flakes," New Zealanders "Brufax," and Ethiopians "yeshi," which means "for a thousand". Apparently some people in the good ole U.S. of A. call it "nooch".
  10. Did I forget anything?
    Feel free to ask or add!
  11. Can you buy it on Amazon?
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    Sally investigates: YES!
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