For when you're feeling kinda whimsical and free-loving and like why the heck *wouldn't* I make my own nut milks?! Truth: As long as you have a blender and a strainer/cheesecloth/paint bag (at hardware store for under $1)/legit nut milk bag, it's SUPER easy. I like a ratio of ~1/2 c. nuts to 2 c. water + sweetener and sea salt to taste!
  1. Orange blossom pistachio milk
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    I honestly gasped when I took my first sip of this. You just have to make it to get it. It's like the best, most breathless kiss on a starry summer night you've ever had.
  2. Vanilla walnut milk
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    Great for making these vegan apple pie milkshakes 😍😍😍, which will be on the blog on Monday.
  3. Hemp milk
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    This stuff is so easy it's bananas: Hemp seeds are soft enough they don't need to be soaked, so you can make it the moment you want it. Different ratio here: ~2 tbsp. seeds to 2 cups water.
  4. Maple pecan milk
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    Honestly can't handle how good this stuff is. Supreme with oatmeal.
  5. Vanilla almond milk
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    Your nut milk bff. Always there when you need it. Recipe (and photo) from my friend Claire's blog Kitchy Kitchen.
  6. Chocolate hazelnut milk
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    I haven't made this yet but I think I'm going to next week and will obvi put it on the blog. Makes me think of my girl @mollyyeh's swoony Nutella Egg Creams from this summer 🍦🍫🍦! (Photo is hers.)
  7. All these recipes are on K&C, except the almond milk and forthcoming walnut and hazelnut yumtowns! What are your fave fun milks?