1. WASN'T: Sugar.
    Like, all of it.
  2. WAS: Goober Peanut Butter & Jelly.
    Why? How? What?!!! My mom must've had a temporary lobotomy. I think maybe this just happened once but was so glorious that I projected it as an ongoing occurrence.
  3. WASN'T: Chocolate.
  4. WAS: Fig Pep.
    Weird concentrated fig syrup you mix with warm (soy) milk. Anyone?
  5. WASN'T: Regular cereal.
  6. WAS: Millet.
    What up, birds.
  7. WASN'T: Bagels.
  8. WAS: Personal Pan Pizza.
    Again, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Perhaps, as with the Goober, these were bribes.
  9. WASN'T: Meat.
  10. WAS: Nutritional yeast.
    If you eat enough you can give yourself a niacin rush!!!