Because this is just what @jansonebwoodlee likes to hear about most in life. Add yours!
  1. Connection dreams.
    My version of a wet dream: Involves a lot of cuddling and handholding and eye gazing with male object of desire/fixation, rarely involves intercourse. Always wake up blissfully happy.
  2. Dead mom dreams.
    Love 'em. Not scary. The only way I get to see my mom in these seven years since she died. Sometimes she's healthy, sometimes sick, sometimes in immortal form.
  3. Televisual transference dreams.
    I watch it on tv and my subconscious reworks it however it sees fit. For which reason I have zero tolerance to horror films.
  4. Ocean dreams.
    I'm from Maui and I dream of the ocean a lot. When I was 10 I dreamt the ocean had risen to our deck (at 1700 feet elevation) and that there was a whale party going on outside. I was scared I was going to fall off the deck and into the whales. When I was 25, I dreamt I was swimming (and could breathe) in this massive underwater civilization with astoundingly colored coral and rock formations. Now, I usually dream about waves.
  5. Anxiety dreams.
    Usually involves me realizing someone I love dearly no longer loves me. 😁😭😬
  6. HIGHLY CREATIVE, SADISTIC AND POSSIBLE TERRORIST ACTS AND SERIAL KILLER DREAMZ (see why I don't like hearing about most Seussian phantasmagorias?!? Love Mom dreams tho 💙)
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee