@lindsinger's mega truthy list about going freelance inspired this. I'm in my 10th year working for myself (ugh/yay!): Here are a few things I grew accustomed to—boiling frog style—that I wish I hadn't.
  1. Lower pay.
    I shouldn't be charging what I did when I was 21. And neither should you.
  2. Undervaluing your work.
    It's the work of twenty but I do it alone...which means I should be valuing myself higher, not lower!
  3. Instability.
    Just because I work for myself doesn't mean I have to accept financial instability.
  4. Always saying yes
    Because you need the money. I recently said no to a big client that would've been great for my resume and bank account because it would've made me bananagrams stressed out. It was scary and I'm so glad I did.
  5. Acceptance of discomfort.
    I have an incredibly high tolerance for living frugally. No heat, no AC, no problem. But sometime over the past two years, as I exited my twenties, that all became old. I don't believe in the struggling artist archetype. I work hard. I should be able to turn on the AC without fear of losing rent money.
  6. Doing it alone.
    Everyone should have a team. Period. That team could be your best friends, your sig o, your parent(s), your mentor, your barista, and/or your bar tender, but you need at least one other mind on the case. Trust me.
  7. Hyper-focus on minutiae.
    Don't lose big picture perspective/excitement/hope in favor of figuring out how to get enough money for rent this month. Squirrel away as much 💰💰💰 as you can so you can have moments for reflection and growth.
  8. Lack of scaleability.
    When you do everything by yourself, it's supes difficult to grow your business in a real way. I know, I know, nobody does it the way you do! But guess what: If you want to make three or four or ten times what you make now, you've gotta let someone else do something.
  9. Fear of growth.
    Growth means change, and change means relinquishing control. Remember that this is not a dictatorship, this is your life. Ask for help when you need it. Let your business grow beyond you. The best antidote here is to remember the underlying inspiration and mission of what you're doing in the first place.