You can use fresh or frozen fruit. If your fruit is frozen, omit the ice in steps below. Perfect for pool-time or beach-time or bbq or life in gen.
  1. Peel, pit, prep fruit of your choice. Freeze if desired.
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  2. Select a citrus to add for a high note. Lemon, lime, blood orange, etc!
  3. Select a fresh herb to blend in for a low note. Mint, basil, tarragon, cilantro, etc!
  4. Have a few pinches of sea salt on hand for a sexy note.
  5. Add fruit to a high powered blender, with or without a whole lotta ice, depending on whether fruit is fresh or frozen.
  6. Add citrus juice (at least half the citrus, juiced, or more depending on amount of fruit) and pinches of sea salt and blend.
  7. Once you've got your desired consistency, add in a handful of the fresh herbs and blend again. Don't blend long—just until the leaves become flecks.
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  8. Flavor recos: Watermelon + lemon + basil. Cantaloupe + lime + a tiny bit of cilantro. Strawberry + lemon + mint. Mango + lime + mint.
  9. Eat straight out of the blender. Or mix in a liquor of your choice. And/or make into popsicles!
  10. The recipe for this Mango Mint Freeze is on the blog!
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