Dedicated to @john, and Dave Matthews, and every other male singer whose voice, as @jansonebwoodlee once put it so eloquently, "shoots laser beams of pleasure into the privates of women everywhere."
  1. It's like you're singing to yourself, except you're yourself in the body of a hot, sexy dude
  2. Which means he already knows exactly what you want
  3. And how you feel, and every shade of yes and no and blue that ever commingled in your sweet little heart
  4. He sounds so gentle, like he could just slip your panties right off and you wouldn't even notice
  5. And make sweet, sweet love to you with the power of a thousand octaves
  6. His voice also sounds like the crooning of mating whales and the keening of one million Odyssean ships, all set to rescue you from your loneliness
  7. And also maybe like your mother? But your lover. Your motherlover
  8. Vajayjays actually vibrate on same frequency as D'Angelo?
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee
  9. But really the truth of it is phallic mother lover. Pls ref your dream.
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee