I really enjoy my ciswomanhood. (@jansonebwoodlee has a companion list to this that I hereby request he publish since it's Draft Week on List App, per @john's orders.)
  1. I like having my innards dicked around.
    Straight sex FTW!
  2. I like luxuriating.
    I once texted @jansonebwoodlee: "Walking naked thru one's house in late afternoon sunlight is a luxury like no other." And I stand by this statement.
  3. I love process.
    Baking, the slow rise, taking all day to make a meal, crocheting (ok, fine, I don't anymore), gardening, wandering around home, around town, around grocery stores, ovulating: All things that take time.
  4. I love lingerie.
    This is the root of an ongoing disagreement @jansonebwoodlee and I have: I contend that I love and buy and wear lingerie for myself—because I think it's 😍😍😍. He contends that women only buy lingerie to have it admired and removed. (What a boy.)
  5. I love braiding hair, painting nails, anointing myself with oils, trying on 100 outfits and 1000 different shades of red.
    I mean, is it a Red Lizard day or a Jungle Red day?
  6. I love 👠👠👠👠👠👠.
    As objets d'art, as architecture, as sexy-makers, as I-don't-give-a-fuck-if-they're-uncomfortable outfit definers, as I-rule-the-fucking-world mood and game changers.
  7. Beyoncé makes me cry.
    I love Beyoncé so much that sometimes I cry when I think about her very existence. And when my faith in the world is waning, I watch this (during which she was pregnant, y'all): http://bit.ly/1EQlnoy