In case you don't remember (cuz everyone's seen it, right?), the premise: "A strange sort of Nothing is destroying everything" in Fantasia. I just watched it w my 9yo cousins and had to List it.
  1. "Fantasia is disappearing because people have begun to forget their hopes and dreams. So The Nothing grows stronger."
  2. "Because people who have no hopes are easy to control, and whoever has the control has the power."
  3. "You must go alone. You must leave all your weapons behind. It will be very difficult."
    Aka, life.
  4. "Confronted with their true selves, most men run away screaming."
  5. "Everyone knew that whoever let the sadness overtake him would sink into the swamps."
    Through the Desert of Shattered Hopes and the deadly Swamps of Sadness. 😭😭😭
  6. "The sphinxes' eyes stay closed until someone who doesn't know his own worth passes by."
    And if you don't know your own worth, guess what? YOU DIE. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
  7. "The more wishes you make the more magnificent Fantasia will become."
    "How many wishes do I get?" "AS MANY AS YOU WANT."
  8. Everyone close your eyes and make a wish or hope or dream
    and let's make Fantasia magnificent again.