Let it be known: I will always love @list, in all its past, present, and future glory. And it felt important to document the bittersweet ways in which its growth has changed our mutual listing experience.
  1. First of all, I know that I was not first or second (or maybe even third) gen here, but I still have a lot of feels about @list. Mostly, it's incredible to experience something growing out of its infancy and toddlerhood and into its full-fledged beingness in the world. But sometimes, I miss the way things were:
  2. When it felt like we were a family in one sovereign, scintillating, landless country and not a gangly group of strangers in cyberspace;
  3. When it felt like there was still every list in the world to be written;
  4. When I had to stop myself from publishing more than one list a day because I was SO excited to wake up and have another day with @list;
  5. When a list trended and it felt like everyone HAD to read it and you'd text your IRL List App friends to talk about it because it was so good and thrilling and true and full;
  6. When it felt exciting and not overwhelming to follow new people;
  7. When I wanted to relist every single damn list that had been created under the sun;
  8. When we were all kind of in love with this incredible force of nature that had reorganized our dendritic functioning into list form and wanted to look at it all the time;