Inspired by the perfect list @sashabronner made.
  1. 👑 you are a non-gender specific queen and deserve all the good in the world
  2. 😭 this is a fucking tragedy
  3. ❤️ I feel love for that, in some vague way
  4. 😍 my eyeballs want that so hard and also please love me more
  5. 😘 I solely use this to respond to Instagram commenters I don't actually know
  6. 🙏 kind of ditto on above, but I may occasionally use this to thank you for something you've done when I'm also kind of upset with you and can't bring myself to thank you with words
  7. 😬 life is fucking rough let's try to make it through together
  8. 👯 we're BFFs let's braid hair
  9. 💯 everything you've said or done is literally perfect
  10. 💁 deal with it, bitch
  11. 😎 we're too cool to talk about it
  12. 🙀 this is horrifying, but in a funny, cat-like way. Y'know?
  13. 😂 I'm dying (in a good way)
  14. ✨ everything is magical and glowy I'm a Cali girl wheeeee