Bolinas, California, circa 1980s. We vacated to Maui in 1986, after my dad refused to let them shame him for watching football.
  1. Marvel & Wondra.
    My parents' names at the time.
  2. Diamond & Angel.
    They were the leaders of the Alive Tribe. Angel later changed her name to River.
  3. Dr. Laser Nightsky.
    He delivered me!
  4. Choice.
    Now goes by her given name: Janet.
  5. Crystal Presence.
    Still goes by this!
  6. Light Dreamer.
    Daughter of Summer (whose name is not esoteric enough to be enumerated on this list).
  7. Ever.
    Ever what??? Brother to Light Dreamer, daughter to boring-named Summer.
  8. Jade Moon.
    Daughter of Diamond & Angel/River #1.
  9. Ruby Joy.
    Daughter of Diamond & Angel/River #2.
  10. Sundancer.
    Still goes by this! Also wears one dangly earring and an eye patch.