Inspired by @john, powered by @list. Really hoping there's a designer on here who's gonna make all our font dreams come true.
  1. Millennia Cognitiva
    Sans-serif. Minimalist. Feels smart though has a few spotty ticks, like a wonky comma and over-large ampersand.
  2. NooshØĘ
    Modern take on handwriting. Relaxed. Feels like eating a melting ice cream cone. Hot new font of choice for artisanal food trucks.
  3. Emoji Neue
    Letters correspond to emoji, keyboard must be memorized according to mood.
  4. On Fleek
    A constantly updating font that subtly references the latest inexplicable internet meme. Your font choice is on Fleek. Yes, it's is bold.
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  5. Death Star Burrito
    Suggested by @lucas
  6. Less Than
    A font to use when you're making up bad designs to laugh about with your snotty designer friends. Maybe a cross between Comic Sans and Papyrus. Maybe a spider-thing script. Or maybe an arch variation on Helvetica, the basic bitch of fonts.
    Suggested by @evanp
  7. Organic
    For when your clients want something more ' organic ' without being able to articulate what that exactly means
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  8. Scamp Heavy
    Cf0a0d24 d4c5 427c 8c39 c6af33caa3fb
    Suggested by @john
  9. ITC Johnson Bold
    0af33978 63af 4ebd a220 ce95471cc0cb
    Suggested by @john
  10. Brothers Collateral
    C8981c8f 51c5 4669 bef8 a48ad0708c70
    For before your other fonts hit the big time.
    Suggested by @Suzanne