1. I didn't think I was gonna catch a case of the late night feels, but
  2. It really does feel like the last night of camp, this sweaty and sweet and intoxicating mix of longing and memory and
  3. I keep coming back to my first few hours on @list, how it felt like I was high on some kind of drug that totally engaged my mind
  4. And my heart
  5. In this way I wasn't expecting and didn't understand but DAMN it felt so good
  6. It felt like I could think and write and
  7. Fucking breathe
  8. And be so real with this insanely incredible and inspiring community
  9. That didn't know me (except for a few)
  10. But caught me with open arms and said yes and keep going and we see you
  11. We see you
  12. Which is all we humans really want
  13. To be seen, to feel heard, to feel we are understood and
  14. A part of something
  15. And I'm really just SO excited for tomorrow
  16. So more humans can feel this kind of yes
  17. And that List App high
  18. And the power of this amazing community
  19. And you
  20. ❤️