1. THE FORTRESS: Pillows surrounding all sides of your body.
    You're feeling very vulnerable and want protection from the harrowing madness of life and/or being alone in your cozy, comfy bed.
  2. THE SPACESUIT: Pillows on every exposed surface of your body, including on top of you.
    Ditto The Fortress except you are feeling very, VERY alone in your cozy, comfy bed.
  3. THE HUG: One pillow beneath your head, one pillow to hold onto in front of you.
    You're feeling a little needy, and like maybe if you just cradle an inanimate object it will fill the hole in your soul.
  4. THE BIG SPOON LITTLE SPOON: One pillow beneath your head, one to hold onto in front of you AND one pressed up against the length of your back.
    You're feeling VERY needy and also wish you were currently having sex with your soul mate husband who gazes lovingly in your eyes whilst telling you about his plans for your upcoming babymoon on Santorini.
  5. THE PREGO: One pillow underneath your head, one pillow between your knees.
    You want to feel supported but not smothered. You seek balance and alignment.
  6. THE EXISTENTIALIST: One pillow under your head, one resting somewhere on top of you.
    That way you can just barely feel the depth of your human vulnerability, but immediately qualify it with the knowledge that soon this will all be gone.
  7. THE MINIMALIST: One pillow underneath your head.
    You are extremely well-adjusted in body, mind, and spirit. You scoff at excess. Your heart is full. Life is simple. (WHO ARE YOU?)