This is what/how I eat when I'm tired. Praise be. Nb: These are mostly vegan and all vegetarian, though I'm not either of those.
  1. THE BBB: Black Bean Bowl
    Black beans with spinach/kale/chard cooked in + Greek yogurt + avocado + hot sauce.
  2. THE GAFB: Green AF Bowl
    Hot brown rice + chopped spinach/kale/chard + any other raw veg of choice (carrots, cukes, etc.) olive or coconut oil + braggs or soy sauce + hemp seeds + tahini + avocado + spirulina (blue green algae) + nutritional yeast (nooch) + kraut or fermented veggies. Like you had a seizure and miraculously shook all the healthy thangs from your fridge. Green af.
  3. THE VBS: Veggie Burger Salad
    Toasted veggie burger + greens + feta/goat cheese + avocado + kraut + cucumber.
  4. THE TGB: Tofu Green Bowl
    Sauté tofu in olive oil + braggs/soy sauce + crushed garlic + nooch, eat with grain of choice (adore millet with tofu, if you want to switch it up from rice and quinoa monotony) topped with braggs, nooch, and spirulina.
  5. THE PAS: Popcorn & Smoothie
    Pop popcorn on the stove and top with olive oil, braggs, nooch. Make a superfood porn smoothie ( frozen banana + water + hemp + nuts + spirulina + cinnamon + cacao + ice + stevia).
  6. THE PAT: Pasta & Tofu
    Sauté tofu in olive oil + braggs/soy sauce + crushed garlic + nooch. Eat with fusilli or capellini or pasta of choice, topped with more olive oil, braggs, and nooch. Healthiness on this one is questionable, but it tastes so freaking good.
  7. THE IDGAF: Peanut Butter Toast & Greens
    No, not together. Saute massive amount of greens with desired seasoning. Eat a piece of toast w peanut butter. Strangely satisfying.