1. Every night I can see the sky breathing into sunset through the wires and rooftops and I know there is something bigger than myself and my breath and my desk and my computer and the avalanche of doing
  2. Feeding a friend
  3. A song so good I know, suddenly and concretely, that I can live into the next moment
  4. The feeling of dried rose petals, weightless yet heavy with scent
  5. An inside joke that's lasted for years
  6. Not putting a bra on
  7. When you know someone else is entering you and you are entering them and neither of you can ever be the same yet neither of you has moved and perhaps nothing at all has changed
  8. Saying no
  9. Saying fuck no
  10. Lying in bed and feeling my body fully content being exactly where it is, full of its own being, not needing to be anywhere or anything else, sometimes
  11. Breathing