Meh, dating may be a strong word. We met on Tinder. We had one (very good) date, a lot of texting, and have another date in the pipeline. These are questions I have asked him, in chronological order. Feel free to suggest your own!
  1. So, are you a man of the cloth?
    "I am."
  2. Do people say man of the cloth?
    "I think they do!"
  3. From what cloth art thou cut?
    I literally said it like that. I felt I had no choice!!! "Episcopalian."
  4. How does it work for a priest on Tinder?
    Apparently it kinda works!
  5. I'm assuming you're not on here for random hookups? (But forgive me if I'm wrong.)
    I was right.
  6. I'm also assuming you'd like your partner to be involved in the church? (Again, forgive me if I'm wrong!)
    I was wrong. Instead, he said he wanted to be with someone who "is actively cultivating her inner life. I want our partnership to be a refuge." HMMMMM!!! Then I told him I was a Jewish Buddhist humanist. Just so he could really see my soul, y'know? He was unphased.
  7. Do you hate the gays?
    JK I didn't say it like that, but I did, y'know, have to check!!! He's an advocate, like politically.
  8. Do you like jazz?
    He does.
  9. QUESTION PENDING: So, um, per your previous chill af response re partner not in the church, WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT WHEN WE HAVE KIDS???
    I will be so chill when I ask this, you guys, really.