Why yes, this *is* today's blog post: A Superfood Guide (with a little help from Beyoncé)! The full version has gifs, and a whole lot more info. Get yer swipe on.
  1. SPIRULINA | "Rocket"
    Fast source of green power and protein that'll fuel you for a day of work (or Rocket-ing, Bey/Jay style).
  2. BEE POLLEN | "Blow"
    Bee pollen is so sexy it's sometimes called ambrosia. Great for stamina and almost as much fun as being at a roller rink with Yoncé and Solange.
  3. GINGER ROOT | "Run the World (Girls)"
    Ginger kicks nausea and inflammation's ass while boosting immunity and regulating digestion. Who run the world? GIRLS! (With ginger in their juice.)
  4. NUTRITIONAL YEAST | "Survivor"
    Nooch packs the B-12 and niacin, compounds that give you the stamina you need to face whatever foes may stand in your way.
  5. CHLOROPHYLL | "7/11"
    Chlorophyll is literally what makes plants green: Don't you wanna get on the KALE train with Bey? Plus it oxygenates like whoa.
  6. HEMP SEEDS | "Grown Woman"
    When you're ready to stop being a little girl who doesn't know what she wants, call out for some hemp seeds. As much protein as an egg and all the fatty acids you need. Yoncé's already got 'em in her fridge.
  7. CACAO NIBS | "Drunk in Love"
    Chocolate in its purest, sexiest, most dopamine-delivering form. We be all night.
    Turmeric is an intense purifier and anti-inflammatory and WILL make you wake up just exactly like Beyoncé intended