In 2013, the Normandy school district in Missouri had its accreditation revoked, leading to an influx of 1,000 mostly black students to Frances Howell, a mostly white school 30 miles away. The week after this ruling occurred, Frances Howell held a town meeting, recorded by NPR. These are direct quotes from parents of then-current FH students.
  1. "This is what I want to know: in one month I send my three small children to you and I want to know: Is there going to be metal detectors? I'm no expert, but I've read and I've read and I've read..."
  2. "...And we're not talking about the Normandy school district losing their accreditation because of their buildings or their structures or their teachers. This is behavior that is coming in with my first grader, my third grader, and my middle schooler that I'm very worried about..."
  3. ...I want to know where your metal detectors are gonna be, where your drug sniffing dogs are gonna be, and I want the same security that Normandy gets when they walk into their school. Because I shopped for a school district, and I deserve not to worry about my kids getting stabbed or taking a drug or getting robbed."
    FOR THE RECORD: This is not true. Normandy did not have its accreditation removed because of issues of violence.
  4. "We have to follow the laws, but we don't have to like it, we don't have to make it easy. Has anyone considered changing school start times? Making it a little less appealing?"
  5. "My husband and I have both worked and lived in underprivileged areas in our jobs. This is NOT a race issue. And I just want to say to the first woman who came up here crying and saying this is a race issue, that is her prejudice calling me a racist because my skin is white and I'm worried about my children's education and safety..."
  7. "I'm hoping that their discipline records come with them, like their health records come with them."
  8. "Years ago, when the MetroLink was popular, St. Charles county put to a vote whether we wanted the MetroLink to come across into our community. And we said NO. And the reason we said no is we don't want the various areas coming across the bridge and bringing with them everything that we're fighting against today."
  9. "I don't care about everything else that falls by the wayside, because it will, in two, three years when we move out of the district."
  10. "Let me assure you, I personally know a family shopping for houses in our school district, and when this came on the news, they ended negotiations."
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