My little friend Sabine (age 3) is very important to me. She is hands-down the chicest 3 year old in the world, always sporting an effortlessly Parisian coiffeur and saying things like, "I only love me!" (So Anna Wintour.) We chatted via emoji last night. @jansonebwoodlee I hope this list suffices!
  1. She sent this
    3877e98e 7304 4dc8 bd93 46578e292f3d
  2. I sent this
    7150dc9e 8164 426f 9090 02e9efc70a54
  3. Uh oh
    91064658 61f7 4bf2 a818 3da69b2a43e8
  4. I didn't know!!
    3dc21b4a 0ded 4b21 8385 636a3caeabd6
  5. I wanna get it right
    B86a3c91 a957 46c9 ae1c e263da755bb0
  6. MORE
    A4654168 db85 4632 a7e9 7158859da202
    72ddb3e9 506b 40e8 8ebb d0487ecd0b74
  8. But wait...
    5aece282 c895 4ccd 8a5c d04de5832f6c
  9. So I tried again
    0c4856cc 5ae1 4626 a190 a9059665f2d2
  10. And it worked!!!
    Aa5c039a 30bc 4832 b3d2 2ad0248b3c33
    But can we all admit: There's something about her emoji game that mine just can't hold a candle to?
  11. (BONUS: Here is a picture of Sabine using a salad spinner for the first time on @jansonebwoodlee's lap. He calls this photo Joy Transfer.)
    C99cf194 a5e4 4065 9302 f277ccdad607