I'm more of a quick pickler/jammer than a hardcore professional waterbath canner, but that all changed this week (bc someone paid me to can, not bc I was possessed by the canning spirit). We shoot tomorrow (oh hey @maxosswald), so I've been going nuts all week in a reckoning w my future self who lives on a farm w my hub (oh hey @mollyyeh).
  1. Dill pickles
    Standard, but with fresh dill AND dill seeds.
  2. Tomato jam
    With lots of coriander. So good! Umami-town.
  3. Strawberry jam
    With tons of lemon zest.
  4. Apple butter
    Made in a slow cooker. I don't think I'm a slow cooker person. (Thanks for the loaner @Suzanne!)
  5. Spicy dill pickles with fennel and caraway seeds.
    My preferred. That fennel, tho.
  6. Sauerkraut
    Lactofermented for 7 days. Could go for another 3 weeks if I had the time. This I would do again. So easy! And all that great bacteria. Literally just cabbage and non iodized sea salt. Some caraway if you want.
  7. No-bake Mason jar mini strawberry cheesecakes
    Well, not exactly canned, but 🍓✨fun✨🍓.