On your birthday each year, my love @kirasolveig will always ask this singular question: What did you learn this year? So this year, a list:
  1. β€’
    How to sell a book like a real fucking boss babe
  2. β€’
    How to negotiate
  3. β€’
    How to walk away, firmly and finally, from someone you loved deeply who treated you with disrespect
  4. β€’
    How to access the part of my brain and psychospiritual being that enters bliss mode via list-making
    πŸ™ @list @bjnovak @dev and all of you
  5. β€’
    How to use a real camera and tripod and trigger and timer and how to edit photos in Lightroom
  6. β€’
    How to lactoferment sauerkraut and then can it, like a pro
  7. β€’
    How to deal with heartbreak by smashing sets of wine glasses with a hammer in a completely safe and shard-proof manner
  8. β€’
    How to reconnect with one of my oldest friends because she had a baby and suddenly it's like we're both 13 again and dreaming of what life will be like when you're grown up, and even though she had a human baby and I'm having a book baby, we're both realizing dreams we've cherished as long as we can remember
  9. β€’
    How to calm down, just a little bit
  10. β€’
    How to eat meatballs and cheeseburgers and maple-candied bacon and duck confit and ribs and a bunch of other weird foods (they still seem weirder to me than tofu and spirulina)
  11. β€’
    How to let the people on my team really help me grow the businessβ€”still working on this
    πŸ™ @Lauriebuck
  12. β€’
    How to deal (and possibly thrive) on a 16-hour recipe video shoot
  13. β€’
    How to make doughnuts
    πŸ™ @alanakysar
  14. β€’
    How to transition virtual friends to IRL friend-love-fests
    πŸ™ @mollyyeh
  15. β€’
    How to date a priest (for a brief period of time only, no expertise here)
  16. β€’
    How to look imposter syndrome in its hella shady eyeballs and say fuck you
  17. β€’
    How to let myself feel like part of a family with my dad and his girlfriend without having that devalue my remembrance of my mother
  18. β€’
    How to have general anesthesia and outpatient surgery (related: how to take a selfie of what I at the time considered to be chic one-size-fits-all hospital underwear)
  19. β€’
    How to debug my hosting account from a malware attack
  20. β€’
    How to have an adult conversation with my dad
  21. β€’
    How to dive off the back of a speed boat (not moving, who do you take me for?!) into snow melt
  22. β€’
    How to ask for exactly what I want
    @Suzanne can vouch for this via the 27-item email I sent her listing the dessert things I would accept on my birthday (she nailed it, btw)