There's so much I don't remember. But these, I do.
  1. My first out of body experience, around age 10, while watching my mom try on clothes in a little boutique.
  2. Chasing wild turkeys and doing a front flip and landing on my neck.
  3. A centipede crawling over my pinky finger while in the wood-fired hot tub.
  4. Givonne and Isaac sneaking into the garden outside their guest bathroom to watch me pee.
  5. Smooshing up bananas and avocados with Tara and slathering them all over ourselves as body masks.
  6. Putting on glitter.
  7. Crushing petals and leaves to make weird concoctions, particularly pink colored things that would dye my lips.
  8. Jumping on the trampoline.
  9. Picking oranges and pomegranates.
  10. Fairy tea parties with my mom under the jacaranda tree.
  11. Writing characters I wanted to be in short stories I wanted to live in.
  12. Not recognizing my dad when he shaved off his mustache and beard when I was 5. I was terrified.
  13. Jumping into bed between my parents in the morning.
  14. Sucking saltwater from my hair.
  15. My mom massaging my ears.
  16. Maria and I drawing out our menu for the "Dolphin Cafe" and making things off of it for her mom.
  17. Running full speed down the hill to visit with neighbors Fig & Serena only to see from afar that they were naked.
  18. Vanessa and I playing Little Mermaid; she was always Prince Eric.
  19. Our gorgeous Mossimo model neighbor Leif throwing me up in the air and hugging me.
  20. When Honey and Kaliko got sick and we had to bring them inside (they were outdoor cats), and then again when Honey had her stomach torn open by our neighbor's dog and died.
  21. My dad playing the lyre to me before bed and telling me that love is the most important thing.
  22. My mom reading GWINNA to me.
  23. Falling asleep in the car on the way home from dinner at a restaurant.
  24. Lighting Chanukah candles with my mom's special ritual of naming one candle for something (like forgiveness, peace, love) each night of the holiday.
  25. Lying with my (Jewish) parents in a dark living room lit only by a perfectly decorated Christmas tree and singing O Come All Ye Faithful.
  26. Keali'i throwing a spatula from inside our classroom out into the schoolyard.
  27. Ginger letting me try her teriyaki beef; thinking it tasted like leather (I'd never had meat before).
  28. My mom flossing my teeth when I was too sick to do it myself.
  29. The brilliant emerald of seaweed on slick, ocean-wet lava rock.
  30. Crossing dozens and dozens of fences; sneaking into the vineyard next door and picking grapes only to discover they were wickedly sour.
  31. Feeling safe.