My freshman year roommate and I dictated these lists to each other in college. I still have mine (picture below): "Things Lily Wants from Him".
  1. appreciation of silence
  2. knows how to cook
  3. be able to define, appreciate, and understand his love for individuals
    I was dating some vague motherfuckers
  4. will not talk down to people
    also valid
  5. doesn't talk too much about himself
  6. makes her laugh
  7. ability to appreciate the value of the present moment while taking the future into account
    I mean, sure
  8. loves the ocean
    now we're getting into some heavy duty poetry shit
  9. loves to play in the rain
  10. loves to be naked
    nudists watch out
  11. knows what he wants & doesn't run
    but what if he wants a bagel and it's in the other room?
  12. loves and understands the interplay of light and shadow
    again with the poetry
  13. loves the sound of the wind
    critical in determining capacity for partnership, second only to appreciation of silence
  14. a love of children - appreciation of their wonder
    by which I meant, wants to get married and have babies WITH ME
  15. 👀
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