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  1. The puking story on last Sunday's This American Life, which genuinely made me LOL super hard in the middle of horrendous Venice to West Hollywood traffic.
    A woman told the story of being on the swinging ship ride at a carnival and seeing one dude vomit when his end of the boat was at the high end of the pendulum swing and hers was at the low: She watched in horror as the stream of his vomit moved towards her end of the ship, eventually splattering them all. 😱😂😱😂😱😂😱
  2. Confessing to @brookielyons that it bothers me if I don't have at least a vague psychospiritual sense of what it would be like to have sex with my close friends.
    Hi, nice to meet you how do you fuck?
  3. Waking up at 10:30 am to a million text messages alerting me I missed a conference call, am about to miss a meeting in Venice, and my email is no longer functioning.
    Good morning to you, too! Ps, maybe the first time in my life I've overslept?
  4. As I was stumbling out of my apartment I discovered my party favor from @Suzanne's birthday party last night.
    She sent us home with mini cakes topped with sea salt, rosemary, and dried figs from her backyard. I mean C'MON.
  5. I went out of my way to get an ice blended almond milk matcha latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for the second day in a row, which was a) half off bc happy hour 3-5 pm and b) so good I think it's actually made from the souls of bougie California hippie babies.
    Might go back tomorrow YOU NEVER KNOW I'M FEELING WILD.
  6. I spoke my mind to our server at Cafe Gratitude (at lunch with the aforementioned one and only @brookielyons): Server tried to tell me mixing two iced teas would be bad. I informed her otherwise.
    Sometimes you gotta say it loud and say it proud.
  7. @brookielyons had some exciting professional news to share with me that made my heart very, very happy.
    My friends' successes renew my faith in this world. ❤️❤️❤️
  8. It was my first day returning to mobile phone usage post my phone kicking the bucket on Tuesday. I kinda liked not having a phone. Except I really missed emojis.
    LIKE A LOT. And also The List App. I felt so far from all of you. 😍😍😍👋👋👋
  9. Wore a skirt that made me feel like a princess while I kicked this day's ass ✨💪✨
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    Suggested by @lgw
  10. I made progress on my epic battle with the to-do list from hell.
    Someone placed the Gemino curse on that shit because each item keeps multiplying, but I made a dent in it today, which was both awful (having to do all those things) and wonderful (now they're done!).
    Suggested by @sally
  11. I went to a live taping of Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me in Millennium Park. Enormous crowd, gorgeous weather, and Chance the Rapper as the surprise guest playing Not My Job. Midway through two women asked permission to jump onstage and hug him. Chicago in the summertime is 💯!
    Suggested by @caffrin